"Exhibits also have personality and an aura. Those who today still regard display cabinets as "dust collectors" neglect the visual yearning on the part of the visitor to view beautiful objects and displays. If the "glass surroundings" are not attractive enough, even the best unique object or piece will lose its aura ...! We at Sehner consciously place a great deal of importance on creating innovative display cabinet solutions."



Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

Musée Atelier Audemars

Porsche Museum

Flughafen Zürich

Museum Hohenschwangau

Kaufhaus Schocken

Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg

Riesensaal Dresden


Hutmuseum Lindenberg


Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Trier Stadtbibliothek

Depot Dresden

Universitätsbibliothek Straßburg

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Historisches Museum Frankfurt

About us

Find out more about Sehner Vitrinenbau ...

The way we work

The requirements which modern exhibit presentation and exhibition technologies need to meet are more varied and demanding than ever before. Individual and well-thought-through solutions are needed! The large selection of innovative and detailed display cabinets from Sehner guarantees you tailor-made solutions for every task – and the peace of mind of knowing that your unique exhibit has been visually presented in the most perfect way possible. Sehner display cabinets: high-quality and sets the standards when it comes to functionality, quality and longevity. You can rely on that!

Andreas Aupperle Markus Olscher
Fimenpraesentation Sehner Vitrinen

Service / Quality / Customer satisfaction


Proportion of customers that are museums


Proportion of customers that are commercial enterprises


Functionality, quality and longevity

Material and production quality have always been extremely important at Sehner!

Everything under one roof


The entire Sehner team. read more.


The most modern CAD systems with 2D and 3D software. read more.


The company's in-house joinery is at the highest professional level in terms of personnel and technology. read more.

Paint shop

The Sehner surface department ensures a perfect, flawless finish by implementing the highest technical standards! read more.

Metal engineering

The in-house metal workshop ensures the accurate and detailed implementation of the planned concept in the greatest possible more.

Glazing workshop

The in-house glazing workshop works in accordance with a museum glass product quality, and which has been defined and laid down in a QM handbook. read more.


Our competent assembly management and highly-skilled professional staff comprise exclusively of excellently trained employees or employees who are currently in the middle of their apprenticeship. read more.


From the initial design through to your new display cabinet.


Listening and talking to each other, exchanging ideas and developing the best approaches to implementing the project together with the customer before even beginning. All parameters of the project should be thought through in detail from the very outset. Working out what is required and what is superfluous, making costs and specific use clear, addressing development, production and assembly steps in order to guarantee the customer and museum planner the greatest possible level of freedom when it comes to making decisions. Only the complete, 100%, analysis of all architectural, ergonomic, ecological, and technical parameters of a project make the guaranteed success possible. That is 100%!


In order to successfully implement a customer's project, a team of the best professionals are selected from the Sehner staff and are brought together to form a project team and working group. Our engineers, technicians and master craftsmen from different disciplines use the 100% analysis in order to develop the perfect concept and the best possible technical solution. Nothing is left to chance. Absolutely everything is constantly being reviewed and reconsidered, the uncomfortable questions are asked and answers provided until such time as all involved in the project are satisfied. The customer and the requirements of the project are the focus of this process. Detailed planning, calculations and drawings are carried out and created in order to leave nothing to chance. The prototypes are subjected to comprehensive tests, are tested and assessed down to the smallest detail. The entire life-cycle of the product undergoes constant scrutiny, from the development through to the recycling of the recyclable materials. This 100% concept design can be transparently followed by the customer during the entire process in order to allow them to actively influence the progress being made. This is how 100% quality is created!


An experienced project manager works closely with the customer and the museum planner. They 100% monitor the development of the design, production, installation and training where the project is being executed. No detail is left to chance. They are at all times able to illustrate the cost, deadline, production and assembly situation. Possible faults can be recognised in advance, discussed and rectified in order to implement the 100% design concept on time and within the framework planned. They represent the interface to others involved in the respective project and coordinate the feedback to production so that everything is delivered, assembled and handed over to the customer on time. Simply 100% supervision!


The Sehner display cabinet specialists set the bar very high for themselves when it comes to quality. It is for this reason that all areas of sales, through to the hand-over to the customer and customer service are monitored. All customers are invited to view and to test the development and production steps directly at our premises. All Sehner engineers, technicians and tradespeople permanently undergo further training in order to be and remain the very best at what they do. In order to achieve the best result, all involved in the project always ensure that they find and use the most innovative materials, the most environmentally friendly and efficient production technologies, achieve the longest period of use, as well as plan for the lowest maintenance and energy requirements throughout the entire service life of the product. And all of this is accompanied by a 100% material and production controls. Each customer can be assured that the selection of suppliers and products, materials, and the production technology can be understood and repeated at all times, meaning that only tested products leave Sehner production facilities. Simply put, that is 100% Sehner Quality!

100% On-Site Installation

To ensure that assembly goes smoothly, the assembly master craftsman checks that the individual assembly points have been positioned correctly. The amount of space available for cables and pipes, as well as the transport possibilities are examined and the assembly planned. It is only then, after careful planning, that our own excellently trained and experienced technicians and tradespeople will begin with the work using special tools in order to ensure that the installation phase is completed quickly, and gently, in the case of historical buildings. The assembly teams are formed depending on the assembly and task involved, in order to have the corresponding professionals and capacities from every technical area available on-site. 100% Team = 100% Quality.

100% On-Site Training and Maintenance

The museum staff are given complete and corresponding training with the hand-over. Sehner, in addition, offers a selection of simple to comprehensive and regularly occurring training programmes for the museum staff. Thanks to the various testing, maintenance and repair contracts, practically all service areas can be covered. This makes it possible for the customer to begin with lower levels of service involving cleaning work during the guarantee period and to increase this later on to include repair work if necessary, and so within the cycles adapt to the conditions which exist on-site. Training and maintenance on-site for 100% Reliability.

Customer opinions

What our customers say about us ...

"The Tropaion has now been effectively highlighted in the exhibition thanks to a very beautiful display cabinet and practical lighting. At this point I would like to say thanks to you and your employees for the exemplary support and the pleasant working relationship throughout!"

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Our competent team is there for you with help and advice at all times, even after delivery.


Technical precision and excellent detail processing are what set the high-quality depot cabinets from Sehner apart. Material and production quality have always been extremely important at Sehner!

The basis for all depot cabinets are the individual frames made from aluminium profiles, which are put together to form an individually designable body.
All elements are equipped with seals and make it possible to store and preserve the irreplaceable cultural heirlooms in accordance with the highest demands when it comes to storage.

Depot cabinet-Flyer

Our customers

Sehner sets itself apart from its competition through the excellent customer service it provides. We invest a lot of effort and no less passion in order to implement our customers' demands and interests – because satisfied customers are our primary goal and best reference. Excerpt from our customer list ...

Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Museen der Stadt Dresden
Museen der Stadt Dresden
Kelten Römer Museum Manching
Kelten Römer Museum Manching
Kloster Alpirsbach
Kelten Römer Museum Manching
Apothekenmuseum Bad Schwalbach
Kelten Römer Museum Manching
Apothekenmuseum Bad Schwalbach
Kelten Römer Museum Manching


Interesting reference projects to get to know!

Reference objects

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Chemnitz SMAC

Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen

Dresden Depot

Dresden Grünes Gewölbe

Dresden Lang und Bogengalerie

Dresden Neuer und Festsaal

Dresden Riesensaal

Flughafen Zürich

Frankfurt HMF

Krailing EOS

Lindenberg Hutmuseum

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Textil und Industriemuseum Augsburg

Strasbourg Unibibliothek

Trier Stadtbibliothek

Wien NHM Anthropologiesaal

Wien NHM Meteoitensaal

Wittelsbacher Schwangau


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